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For safety, read your owner's manual before handling any marker. The answers to the questions below assume you are familiar with your marker and are following the manufacturer's safety instructions.

  1. How do I apply Outlast... ?
  2. Where can I buy Outlast ... ?
  3. Why doesn't everyone use Outlast... ?
  4. Can I use it in markers that require Dow 33 (Sleek, Dye Slick Lube, etc.) ... ?
  5. What is Outlast... ?
  6. When was Outlast developed... ?
  7. Will too much oil on an o-ring harm my marker... ?

How do I apply Outlast.... ?

[For any marker (Tippmann, Kingman, Planet Eclipse, Angel etc.) that recommends lubrication with oil... First clean parts to remove old oil. Replace any worn o-rings. Oil all o-rings with a drop or two before assembling marker. Apply oil sparingly to any moving part (i.e. spring,powertube,etc.). Finally, squeeze 3-5 drops of oil into the ASA (where you screw in your tank). Remove barrel, attach air source, then shoot about 10 rounds. You are ready to play. Thereafter, just oil the visible moving parts and put a few drops in the asa when you play. For Planet Eclipse & Angel, and others not stated, clean and oil the part that requires oil as stated in the manual. You will notice the improvement immediately.]

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Where can I buy Outlast ... ?

[Go to our dealer's page for a location near you. If there are none close to you then you can purchase it HERE].

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Why doesn't everyone use Outlast... ?

[Many people are uninformed and buy into hype and slick names. When they do try Outlast, they will definetly not use anything else after! It's that good.]

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Can I use it in markers that require Dow 33 (Sleek, Dye Slick Lube, etc.) ... ?

[We have been testing several markers for a while with Outlast. So far, all have benefited. Follow the instructions above on "How do I apply Outlast?". You must lubricate every day you play after the initial cleaning and application. Just put 6-7 few drops in the ASA. There is no benefit from moisture condensed as with CO2 markers, so it's crucial that you oil each time. We also have another product we are perfecting for markers requiring grease. It already beats most anything on the market. Dow 33 is still the king for now. We will release it only when it is the absolute best, just like Outlast.]

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What is Outlast?

[Outlast is a fully synthetic lubricant. See description of different types of oil HERE]

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When was Outlast developed ... ?

[It was produced for the first time in 1991 by David Kermode and was named K-C Trouble Free. It has been improved eight times since then.]

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Will too much oil on an o-ring harm my marker... ?

[With Outlast, it won't cause any harm to the marker, but it will spread excess oil on the bore of the barrel, which will affect accuracy. Many other paintball oils will attract dust and dirt to the bolt. Outlast is anti-static and does not attract dirt.]

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