OUTLAST Synthetic Paintball Marker Oil


About Us

My wife and I have been paintball field and store owners/operators since 2001. With an inventory of 80 rental markers, I immediately sought out the best lubricant in the industry. Our rentals suffer great abuse as each marker can be rented from 4 to 8 times per month. They are thoroughly cleaned and lubricated between each use. As a PTI certified Airsmith with a background in metal industries, such as foundries, fabrication and machine shops, and gunsmithing, I have a greater interest and knowledge in the mechanics of airsmithing, and a low tolerance for products of poor quality.

I tried almost all of the brands of paintball lubrication. With the products we were using, we still had to change the dynamic (moving) o-rings several times per year. This process was too time consuming, costly, and unnecessary . There had to be something better. After more searching, there were two products left to try. One was Super O-Lube and the other was K-C Trouble Free. I already had used the Super O-Lube product in other industries. It was usually the best for most applications but because of its sticky, thick, composition, it required taking the marker apart and we still could not easily get in the valves. Obviously not the way to go, so I then called Kermode Concepts.

After a lengthy discussion with David Kermode, owner of Kermode Concepts and maker of K-C Trouble Free, I had high hopes for a better lubrication. K-C Trouble Free is the only lubricant that has been designed and engineered specifically and only for Paintball Markers. It was produced for the first time in 1991, and has been improved eight times since then.

I've been using K-C Trouble Free exclusively since the fall of 2003. Other than repairing the markers for non-lubrication related issues, I have only started changing o-rings for wear in 2010! Finally, a solution was found. Let's do the math... 80 markers used once a week (average with all the seasons) X 600 paintballs per use x 48 weeks per year x 6 years is a whopping 13,824,000 cycles or 13,091 miles of travel (That's just the bolt o-ring!). That's 172,800 shots or 163 miles (bolt) or 86 cases per marker!

Those are interesting and impressive statistics that I personally experienced. Even so, there are scientific tests for lubrications. K-C Trouble Free beats all other paintball lubricants and is 7-10 times more friction and wear resistant than most. The Timken Load capability is about 75 ft/lbs.

In the spring of 2009, the opportunity to buy K-C Trouble Free was offered. We jumped at the opportunity to represent the best lubrication in the paintball industry. We renamed the product OUTLAST, but kept the same great formula! If you want the best, use OUTLAST – Premium Paintball Marker Oil!